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Reaching Rural Haiti: Taking Our Medical Work Outside of Port-au-Prince

In early October, Dr. Richard Barter led a team of medical professionals on Team Broken Earth’s first mission out into rural Haiti. Up until this point Broken Earth’s main focus has been on the hospital in Port-au-Prince where over 500 patients are seen on an average weeklong trip. The rural trip signifies an important expansion of the team’s vision to reach more of the Haitian population for who medical care is more often unavailable.

Dr. Barter admitted that moving a team of 25 throughout the most remote parts of Haiti was very challenging. Concerns over actually getting from point A to point B when it comes to travel and security are always a concern. But in the end the team treated over 465 children and over 295 adults during the week’s mission… a huge success and a great start to Broken Earth’s outreach into rural Haiti.

Team Broken Earth Expands with Teams Now from 3 Provinces!

It’s amazing how much our list of volunteers has grown in the last year alone. More nurses, doctors, therapists, and support have been added bringing our total up to almost 200 volunteers on the ground in various missions in Haiti.

Our Calgary team had a successful first trip to Haiti last spring with their second mission on-going this fall. On top of this, we are extremely proud to welcome aboard a new team from Halifax who will make their first mission in November. All together this means Team Broken Earth will be on the ground in Haiti for more than 5 weeks. This is sure to make an impact in Port-au-Prince where the need for medical attention is so persistent.

Welcome aboard to all our new volunteers!

Remembering Spencer

Back in June of this year we lost one of our own. Dr. Spencer McLean was surrounded by his family when he succumbed to cancer. Spencer volunteered with our Calgary team on their first mission and had a passion to help those so desperately in need in Haiti.

All of us on Team Broken Earth were saddened to hear of his passing. His courage and dedication are inspiration to us all.

Hear more about Spencer from those who knew him best…

Spencer was a dedicated member of our team. Please honour his memory by making a donation to Team Broken Earth.

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