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Welcome New Teams from Saskatoon and Barrie

We are thrilled to welcome two new Canadian Teams to the Broken Earth Family.

Team Saskatoon, led by Dr. Huw Rees is the first Broken Earth Team from Saskatchewan.  They are scheduled to arrive in Port au Prince on March 12, 2016.  The idea of creating a Saskatoon team was embraced by three orthopedic surgeons and a pathologist in the spring of 2015.  They began to assemble a team of physicians, nurses, and allied health care professionals.  Interest in the project grew when Dr Furey travelled to Saskatoon to meet the initial group and speak about Broken Earth. The Saskatoon team members have enthusiastically donated a significant amount of their time and personal resources to this cause.  Local people and businesses have been very supportive and generous as well.  Team Saskatoon hosted a very successful fundraising event in Saskatoon in the fall of 2015 to raise awareness of the work of Broken Earth. The Saskatoon Team now consists of 28 medical professionals, and is the largest inaugural team that Broken Earth has seen! We are proud to have them join our efforts.

Dr. Tina Whitty will be leading the first ever team from Central Ontario – Team Barrie. Dr. Whitty, an anesthesiologist, originates from Newfoundland and volunteered on a mission trip in October 2015 with several old friends and colleagues on Team Newfoundland. Within weeks of her return from Haiti, Tina was already planning to lead a team in the spring. Joining forces with her husband, military officer Major Ray Ryan, they have recruited a significant local medical team and will arrive in Port au Prince on May 7, 2016. “I am extraordinarily honoured to be part of the Broken Earth family of volunteers and am truly amazed by the overwhelming interest, support and generosity from my local community, the scope of which has extended well beyond my expectations.” ~ Dr. Tina Whitty.  We are thrilled to have Dr. Whitty expanding her involvement and leading a brand new team from Barrie.

On behalf of Team Broken Earth, we welcome Dr. Rees, Dr. Whitty, and each new volunteer from Saskatoon and Barrie, and we thank all those people who are supporting these journeys. The involvement of two new Canadian Teams strengthens our organization tremendously and helps us deliver our goals of improving health care and health education for the people of Haiti.

For more information on these teams, please contact team leaders Dr. Rees and Dr. Whitty.

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