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Widespread Destruction in Haiti Caused by Hurricane Matthew

October 4th, 2016, Haiti has dealt another devastating blow. Hurricane Matthew, a massive category four storm, has destroyed fragile infrastructure throughout Haiti, including a bridge collapse that isolated the capital from the southern region. There’s been severe flooding in coastal areas and a loss of life.  And now the country is now bracing for a potential outbreak of disease caused by the resulting poor sanitary conditions.

The aftermath is sure to be heartbreaking. Haiti still struggles to recover from the 2010 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people.  Over 50,000 people in Haiti live in makeshift homes and tents. Healthcare professionals continue to treat diseases like Cholera. 80% of the rural population lives in poverty and the World Bank calls Haiti “the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.”

Team Broken Earth is committed to getting a team on the ground as quickly as possible to provide the medical relief needed.  Dr. Andrew Furey, CEO of Team Broken Earth, has watched the storm with a heavy heart saying “we have so many partners, colleagues and friends on the ground in Haiti.  We have seen so much progress.  It is almost impossible to think about what a set back this will be for the country and its people.”

The hurricane is bound to make a bad situation in Haiti even worse. “So many people have no shelter against this and, in some cases, had no way of knowing how bad it would be,” Dr. Furey adds, “we all need to pull together and do what we can as soon as we can.” Relief efforts are already rallying, including Team Broken Earth, determined to be proactive in response to what guarantees to be yet another punch for a place that’s already been hit enough.

Your help and support is badly needed.  Please donate now to help team Broken Earth’s continuing medical relief effort in Haiti.

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