Canadian Medical Teams Helping Out in Haiti

Caring for our Newest Canadians

For many new Canadians, it’s been a long, hard road to get here. In many cases, healthcare was almost a luxury in the places they come from, often unaffordable and out of reach.  There’s also sometimes a language barrier as some new Canadians are just learning English and are intimidated by this new environment. That’s what led Team Broken Earth to try something new and for the first time at home in St. John’s.

The team has partnered with long time supporters at the St. Philip’s Portugal Cove Lion’s Club as well as the Association for New Canadians to organize and conduct hearing and vision exams for our newest residents.

What can people expect? It’s a day-long clinic where Krista Hearn and Maxine Landry will be conducting the hearing tests. And optometrists Dr. Trudy Metcalfe and Dr. Christie Law will be there to conduct the vision exams.

“I can think of no better welcome to Canada than showing these people that we really care,” said Dr. Andrew Furey, CEO of Team Broken Earth. “It’s the first time we’ve organized an event like this at home and we’re all really excited to be a part of it with our friends and partners.”

The event will take place at Lion’s Club on Newtown Road on August 21st at 2 PM. For more information or to book an appointment or if you would like to volunteer your time, please reach out to Erin at

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