Canadian Medical Teams Helping Out in Haiti

Healthcare 101: Education Update

In November 2015, a team of 10 went to Port-au-Prince and taught a 3-day course in trauma management and emergency medicine. 80 Haitian health care professionals attended the course. Feedback was incredible and surveys of participants suggest that over 80% of attendees will apply their learnings in local setting in future.

Building upon the success of this course, we are partnering with a hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to deliver the same course in May 2016. We are anxious to see the uptake in Bangladesh and hope to find the same success as Port au Prince.

Also in May 2016, we are offering our second orthopaedic course in Port-au-Prince sponsored by Depuy Synthes. This course focuses on developing practical skill for orthopaedic surgeons and residents, through a workshop/laboratory setting, and will build upon skill training that was delivered in May 2014 to the same group of Haitian professionals. Feedback from past participants was extremely positive and the group was unanimous in requesting a follow up course in the future, so we are pleased to be able to fulfill this need.

Education is one of Team Broken Earth’s foundational objectives and we are thrilled to be advancing efforts in this area. Our Education Committee is chaired by Dr. Jeremy Pridham, one of Team Broken Earth’s founding members, and includes volunteers from various teams across the country.

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