Canadian Medical Teams Helping Out in Haiti

Team Broken Earth Halifax

November 2013 - Halifax's 1st team to go to Haiti

This is our first team from Halifax, November 2013. Standing: Tracey Tooke, Kim Sampson, Denise McMahon, David Amirault, Keith Neufeld, Andrew Jarvie, David McCartney, Susan Allen, Heather Sirounis, Shauna Baker, Stephen Curry, Debra Macdonald, Nick Sowers
Kneeling: Martin Leblanc, Chad Coles, Cindi Allen, Roetka Gradstein, Katrina Hurley

Team Halifax sends one or two teams each year to Haiti. 

In 2018, our first team will be going in February.

February 21- 28, 2018

ICU nurses: Audrey Gallant , Ali MacQuade, OR Nurses: Amber Harpell, Holly Borden, Phoung Ng, Jodi Coles, Anesthesia: Ian Beauprie, Rosa Chun, OR Surgeons: Chad Coles, Marty Leblanc, OR Fellow/Resident: Jessica Page, Daryl Dillman, ER/ICU Doc: Justin Wong, ICU Resident : Angella Woodman, RT: Monique Richard

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————– Past Teams ———————–

November 16, 2013
David Amirault, Chad Coles, David McCartney, Keith Neufeld, Andrew Jarvie, Heather Sirounis, Kim Sampson, Denise McMahon, Debra Macdonald, Cindi Allen, Shauna Baker, Susan Allen, Tracy Tooke, Stephen Curry, Nick Sowers, Martin Leblanc, Katrina Hurley, Roetka Gradstein

April 2014
Katrina Hurley, Andrew Hamson, Chad Coles, Erika Yazer, Janice Chisholm, Tobias Witter, John Stein, David McCartney, Megan Gillis, Nick Sowers, Denise McMahon, Karen Burton, Chantelle Russell, Debra Macdonald, Cindi Allen, Noreen Neville, Tracy Tooke, Steven Burke, Susan Dyer, Lindsay Schultz.

January 17 – 24, 2015
Stephen Curry, Nick Sowers, Lorraine Lewis, Andrew Jarvie, Kwesi Kwofie, Martin Leblanc, David Amirault, Keith Neufeld, Dave Johnston, Sharon Malay, Erica Alex, Charmaine Guthrie, Kim Sampson, Jill Steven, Noreen Neville, Liz Fee, Steven Burke, Lindsay Schultz, Amber Harpell, Jodi Coles

April 18 – 25, 2015 – Donate to Team NS
Katrina Hurley,  Chad Coles, Karen Burton, Roetka Gradstein, Denise McMahon, Cindi Allen, Susan Dyer, Tracey Tooke, Cai Redmond-Wadden, Celia Hodder, Brandon D’Souza, Gillian Johnson, Jolene Cook, Darrell Bardua, Donna Naugler, Amy North, Heather Smith, Liz Humphrey

September, 2016 – 1st Rural Mission
Details TBA

October 29th to November 5th, 2016
Dr. Chad Coles, Dr.Karine Bourduas, Dr. Aymen Hendy, Dr. Carl Jarvis, Dr. Justin Wong, Dr. Pier Glaude, Krista Poole, Celia Hodder, Jodi Coles, Lisa Fuller, Donna Naugler, Sharon Malay, Laura Berry, Audrey Gallant, Gillian Johnston, Rachel Steeves, Ellen Taylor, Dr. Steve Walsh, Susan Dyer, Lindsay Ross, Maggie Coleman, Emily Bales, Chad Drover, Ritchie Gilby

November 26th to December 3rd , 2016
Dr. David Amirault, Dr. Tim Mullen, Dr. Andrew Jarvie, Dr. David McCartney, Dr. Michelle Arakgi, Karen Burton, Kim Sampson, Katy Van Vulpen, Dr. Jolene Cook, Dr. Jason Emsley, Noreen Neville, Melanie Leclerc, Kayla Carey, Dr. Kevin Haley, Ashley Mowatt, Breanne Gillis, Kristen Turtle, Mallory Schofield, Elinor Kelly, Stephanie Gillis, Brandon D’Souza, Darrell Bardua, Marc Butler, Craig Goodwin

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