Canadian Medical Teams Helping Out in Haiti

Rural Team Newfoundland and Labrador

Rural Team NL Traveling to Haiti November 25th to December 5th 2016

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Dr. Richard Barter –Team Lead

Dr. Conleth O’Manaigh

Paula Cooper

Wendy Pittman

Shauna Welsh

Catherine Balsom 

Beverly Preater

Heidi Murphy

Amy Pieroway

Claire Moffatt

Andrea Feddes

October 9-19 2015 Dr. Richard Barter–Team Lead, Catherine Price, Ashley Braund, Leah Miller, Natalie Legrow, Christine Kelly, Meighan Kelly, Phung Ly

October 3rd to 13th  2014 Dr. Richard Barter Team Lead, Dr. Scott Moffatt, Dr. Jim Rourke, Dr. Neil Cheeseman, Dr. Holly Delaney, Resident Family medicine, Dr. Cory Veldman, Resident Family Medicine, Dr.Mark Kawaja, Resident Family Medicine, Dr. Ellen Henry, Resident Family Medicine, Susan Roberts, RN, Jen Woods RDt, Alanna Weldon Paramedic, Julia Young Paramedic

March 2014

Jill Allison, Kelly Carew, Adam Dubrowski, Stephanie Hynes, Danika Kung Kean, Stephen Lee, Tia Renouf, Joy Sheppard, James Stempien

October 2013

Dick Barter, Rob Parsons, Stephen Lee, Norman Lee, Greg Sherman, Shauna Walsh, Renee Maynard, Kerry Carroll, Laura Edwards, Sarah Hann, Naila Debbache, Janelle Schneider,

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