Canadian Medical Teams Helping Out in Haiti

Team Broken Earth Saskatoon

We would very much appreciate your support of Team Broken Earth Saskatoon in their next mission to Haiti in January of 2017.

Thank you to those of you who so generously contributed to our last mission in March on 2016. You helped to make that mission an enormous success, and your generosity was and is most appreciated by our team, and by the people of Haiti.

On our last mission, our twenty-eight member team provided care and teaching in emergency medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, internal medicine, and pathology. Together with our team anesthetists, we also provided orthopedic, general, and plastic surgical services and teaching. We completed approximately forty surgeries during our week in Haiti. We spent many hours with local staff caring for patients, and there was an excellent mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and information.

We plan to continue to work with Broken Earth through our liaison with staff at the Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port au Prince. It was a pleasure to work with the friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated local Haitian healthcare professionals, and we are very much looking forward to our return. There is a great deal of work still to be done.

Thanks once again to those of you who helped us on our first mission. We would be grateful for your continued support. If this is the first you have heard of Broken Earth, or Team Broken Earth Saskatoon, thank you for considering a contribution.

Huw Rees, Broken Earth Saskatoon

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